Ross's Goose, Jackson County, 10/23

Erik Enbody eskimobboy at
Sat Oct 23 15:55:57 EDT 2004


Southern Michigan’s Premier Young Birders Team (in need of a name), Craig 
Bateman, Neil Gilbert, Kevin Welsh and myself (as well as our chauffeur 
dads) managed to relocate the previously reported Ross’s Goose in southern 
Jackson County this morning. It was first seen by a few observers at the 
crack of dawn on Thorn Lake (also known as Watkins on the atlas) just after 
8:00, but did not reappear when I arrived. We managed to relocate it amongst 
a few hundred Canada Geese on Horning Road about half-way between Arnold and 
Lawrence Roads in a field to the north. Also at the location was at least 
one Cackling Goose, obligingly hanging out near other much larger Canada 
Geese. This was from 9 to 9:45. We then went back to Thorn Lake where the 
Ross’s flew in at 10:20ish.

We also came across Dudley (the Long-billed Dowitcher) at Avis Farms (and 
Swift Run Pond later) as well as Leroy (the Lesser Black-backed Gull) at the 
Ann Arbor Landfill. Also at the landfill was a pair of Cackling Geese mixed 
in with the Canadas. Swift Run Pond held one probable White-rumped 
Sandpiper, although it rather distant.

A few of us also have pictures of the geese, if anyone is interested.

Good birding!

Erik Enbody

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