L B-b Gull, W-r Sandpiper, L-b Dowitcher - Ann Arbor - Fri., Oct. 22

Mike Sefton mseft at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 22 14:54:31 EDT 2004

  Leroy, the adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, was at
the Ann Arbor Landfill at 1pm today.  Directions to
all sites below.
  A juvenile White-rumped Sandpiper was at Avis Farms
at 12:30pm today.  This is only the second occurence
of this species in the county this year that I know
of.  Not sure if it's the same bird I found at Avis
Farms on Oct. 16, and seen there or at Swift Run Marsh
through Oct. 18.
  Dudley, the long-term visiting juvenile Long-billed
Dowitcher found by Don Chalfant on Oct. 3, was at Avis
Farms at 12:30pm today.  This is a second county
record, and the bird has been seen daily through today
at Avis Farms or at Swift Run Marsh.
  Other goodies below this directions link:
  Also present:
  Avis Farms, 12:30pm
1 Spotted Sandpiper (getting late)
11 Dunlin
1 Pectoral Sandpiper
28 Killdeer
1 American Pipit
  Pond at State St. & Concourse (across from airport)
1 Horned Grebe, lovely bird in non-breeding plumage
  Ann Arbor Landfill
12 Killdeer
16 Bonaparte's Gulls
  Swift Run Marsh, 12:45pm
14 Dunlin
5 G. Yellowlegs
9 L. Yellowlegs
1 Wilson's Snipe
5 G-w Teal
2 N. Shovelers
  Plus the usual stuff at all locations.
  No phalarope seen.

Mike Sefton
Ann Arbor

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