great gray owl

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To clarify my directions:  County Road 604 is also known as Curtisville
Road.  After 9 - 10 miles, you would to take a right in order to continue
on Curtisville road (604) - there is a sign just before the turn.  If you
continue on the main road past the intersection, County Road 604 becomes
4001 (a Forest Service numbered road) which passes by the Gabions
campground, crosses the 4001 landing and bridge, and eventually comes to a
T- intersection.  The bird was seen at the intersection of 4001 and
Curtisville roads.  Hope that  helps.  Jefe

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my husband and I spent the better part of the day canvassing the area where
the great gray owl had been previously reported ( 'Oscoda County Road 4001'
is marked as a foot trail in some areas- if better directions are available
I would appreciate them). We were unable to relocate the owl.

Cindy Mead, Lupton MI

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> Sorry for this late report, but I just learned about this today: a
> biotech here on the Mio Ranger District of the Huron National Forest
> reports that he saw a great gray owl (adult?) last thursday (10/14) on
> district.  He reports he had a good look at the bird from about 10-15
> away, and was able to identify it from the facial disk and large size.
> swears it was not a barred owl or great horned owl.  I have not had the
> chance to check it out, but he is a good birder (although somewhat new)
> I believe the report to be credible. (As I understand it, the species has
> occurred on the district in the past.) The location of the sighting was
> the intersection of Oscoda County Roads 4001 and 604, aka Curtisville
> (T25N, R4E, Section 10).  Directions from Mio:  south on State Hwy 33
> approx. six miles, turn left onto 604, then head east for approximately
9 -
> 10 miles to the intersection of 4001 and Curtisville road.  The bird was
> seen on the west side of the road and flew to the west.   Good luck.
> update as needed.  Jefe
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