Eared Grebes and Cackling Geese at Muskegon Wastewater, Oct. 4

Kevin Thomas brambling at juno.com
Mon Oct 4 16:48:23 EDT 2004

4 October 2004

I birded the Muskegon lakeshore and the Wastewater ponds this morning and
had the following highlights.  I started at the south breakwall on Lake
Michigan and despite good northwest winds I had no water birds in the
hour and a half I spent there.  I then headed to the Wastewater ponds and
did still have a few shorebirds in the small drained front ponds and
around the big ponds.  Nothing unusual but there were still a few Baird's
Sandpipers, some Dunlin, Pectorals, Sanderlings, a Semipalmated Plover,
along with some Killdeer.  Among the several hundred shovelers in the
large east pond I had two Eared Grebes.  Both of them were along the
north side of this pond.  While I was checking out the grebes I noticed
several hundred geese in a mowed hay field north of the east pond.  I
decided to check them for Cackling Geese and found at least four along
with a blue phase Snow Goose.   Good birding.

Kevin Thomas
brambling at juno.com

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