Detroit RBA 10/1/04

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Sun Oct 3 13:12:30 EDT 2004

Pacific Loon
Little Blue Heron
Snowy Egret
Cackling Goose
Harlequin Duck
Red-shouldered Hawk
Golden Plover
Marbled Godwit
Red Phalarope
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Parasitic Jaeger
Black-backed Woodpecker
Orange-crowned Warbler
Lapland Longspur
Pine Siskin

Skye Haas  and Zack Gayk are the hottest birding team in the state at 
the moment based in former terra incognita for bird reports, Marquette.  
On September 28th they had a Harlequin Duck at Big Bay Lighthouse.  They 
also visited Portage marsh in Delta County in the UP on September 28th 
where they came up with a Marbled Godwit and a stunning total of five 
Red Phalaropes, which has to be a  state record count.  Any count over 
one is unusual for that species in Michigan.  Staying in the UP,  Karl 
Barden had two fly-by Pacific Loons in breeding plumage at Whitefish 
Point on October 1st.  A Black-backed Woodpecker has periodically 
appeared at Whitefish Point during the past week per Cris Neri.

Now that Cackling Goose is tickable as a species, birders are taking 
more notice of that form.  Kevin Thomas located six at the Lakewood 
sewage ponds in SW Ionia County on September 29th with Scott Jennex 
reporting  the species still present there today along with a couple 
Sanderlings which are rare inland in the state. The sewage lagoons 
apparently are not open on the weekend.

Blake Mann and Paul Pratt had a Parasitic Jaeger and a Kittiwake at 
Point Edward on September 29th. On October 2nd Robert Epstein and Neil 
Gilbert had flocks of 40 plus Pine Siskins on the Lake Huron shoreline 
of the Thumb at Delaware Township Park in Sanilac County and in Sand 
Beach Township of Huron County.  On a similar note, Jim Fowler had 5 
Pine Siskins at Lakeville Lake in northern Oakland County on September 
30th. A prelude to an invasion this winter?

The Snowy Egret at the Haehnle Sanctuary in Jackson County was still 
being seen as of September 26th which is getting late for the species in 
Michigan.  Tim Smart  had an immature Little Blue Heron at Long Pond at 
Pointe Mouillee on September 29th.  Tim has a permit to do a waterfowl  
survey there but for the general birding population, Pointe Mouillee is 
closed now for hunting season.  Mike Sefton had a Lesser Black-backed 
Gull at the Ann Arbor landfill today.  Julie Craves reported an 
Orange-crowned Warbler in Dearborn October 1st.  October is thee month 
for that species in southern Michigan.  Jim Fowler and Tom Heatley had a 
Lapland Longspur on the beach at Metrobeach on September 30th.

Gary Nelkie had five Golden Plover and a Knot at Tawas Point on 
September 24th.

A lot of hawks still have to come passed the local hawk watches at Lake 
Erie Metro Park and Holiday Beach.  For example the season total as of 
today for Red-shouldered Hawks was  51 at Lake Ere Metro Park and 
neither hawk watch has had a Rough-legged Hawk as of yet.

On Sunday, October 10th at 8 am there will be a banding demonstration by 
Julie Craves at the U of M Dearborn.  Meet at the Environmental 
Information Center on campus.  For an online version of the 
demonstration go to

To report rare birds call Karl Overman at 248.473.0484.

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