Golden Eagle, Northern Shrike, RL Hawks at Muskegon Cty Wastewater, 11/17

Gerald Urquhart urquhart at
Mon Nov 22 08:27:16 EST 2004

Guido Berguido from Panama and I birded Muskegon Wastewater on Sunday.

Good birds included:

Golden Eagle - Immature, rather gangly looking bird, on telephone poles on 
East End of East Storage Lagoon.  See map link below for details.  I'd be 
interested in others' opinions of whether this bird is sick or just 

Northern Shrike - on Laketon Road just west of Swanson Road

Rough Legged Hawk - Adult Male Light Phase and unknown sex/age Dark Phase 
birds in same tree, on Laketon Road just west of Swanson Road (same tree as 

Cackling Geese - While watching the Rough-Legs and Shrike, ten micro-geese 
with tin horn calls flew over following two Giant Canada Geese.  These had 
to be Cackling Geese although we were unable to see them standing next to 
something, the in-flight size and voice were quite distinctive.

Other lifers for Guido (remember, he's Panamanian)

Am. Black Duck
Snow Goose (six in East Storge Lagoon)
Wild Turkey
Red-bellied Woodpecker (almost identical to a Panamanian species of 
Melanerpes woodpecker)
Am. Tree Sparrow

Guido runs an ecotourism company in Panama specializing in rainforest 
birding trips --  It was fun to bird with someone 
who hadn't seen some of the birds I take for granted.  It's been 20 years 
since I was excited about seeing an American Tree Sparrow.

For a good map of Muskegon Wastewater, visit:

Good birding,

Jerry Urquhart

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