Sabines Muskegon/Port Huron ducks this weekend.

Erik Enbody eskimobboy at
Sun Nov 21 18:40:49 EST 2004

Hi birders,

Yesterday (11/20), a few of The Peeps, us Michigan young birders, went over 
to Muskegon/
Ottawa/Allegan counties, and Jim McGrath and myself went to Port Huron 

>From about 9:45am saturday (although first seen around 9:20) to 10:45 (when 
we left) we
watched the juvenile Sabine's Gull fly stunningly close to the south pier at 
Pier Marguette
Park.To best observe the bird we walked out on the pier to where it curves, 
where we didn't
get so wet,and watched the gull as it not only flew by extremely close, but 
also landed on
the water and even on the pier at one point. I belive all three of us 
managed to pull off a
few execellent pictures of the gull that we could post later.

Muskegon Wastewater had 4 Trumpeter Swans that only stayed for about 10 

We could not locate the Snowy Owl in Ottawa County.

At Douglas Public Beach we had about 10-12 Black Scoters and a few Surf 
Scoters mixed in.

Today at the Lighthouse Park in Port Huron we had some excellent views of 
all that Mike
Sefton posted plus some nice looks at a Red-throated Loon around 9:45. We 
also came back
and saw the Harlequin still around later that afternoon.

good birding!

Erik Enbody, 15
East Lansing, MI
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