Sabine's gull in Ottawa County

Francke francke at
Sun Nov 21 11:58:36 EST 2004

On Sunday about 9:30 a.m., I was able to view a juvenile-plumaged Sabine's
gull at close range from the south pier in Grand Haven.  The bird landed
seveal times just off the end of the pier and was flying back and forth past
the pier for about 20 minutes.  There was also a decent movement of tundra
swans today over Lake Michigan.  The south pier in Grand Haven is next to
Grand Haven State Park.  From US 31, travel west on Jackson St. (the main
intersection just south of the bridge over the Grand River) and follow
Jackson (which turns into Harbor Drive) along the river to Lake Michigan.
Just before the state park entrance is a Fisherman's Parking lot where you
may park to access the pier.

Chip Francke

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