King Eiders; Harlequin Ducks, Port Huron, 11/20 (a.m.)

Jacco Gelderloos jjgelderloos at
Sat Nov 20 15:15:43 EST 2004

The previously reported King Eiders were still present
off Lighthouse Park in Port Huron this morning. They
were frequenting the water near the red and green
buoys about 75 yards off-shore.

Just north of Edison Park, I found a first winter male
Harlequin Duck (presumably the bird reported by Joanna
Pease yesterday), and an adult male.

Other birds still present in the area were Long-tailed
Ducks, Red-necked Grebes, and Surf and White-winged
Scoters. The fog made identifying some of the birds
farther out in the lake impossible.

Good birding,
Jacco G.

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