Trumpeter Swans - Iosco County - 11/19/04

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Fri Nov 19 18:17:12 EST 2004

This morning (Friday) at 10:30, I got an excellent view of two Trumpeter 
Swans feeding close to shore in the Foote Dam flooding of the AuSable River, just 
west of Oscoda. The pair was visible from the picnic area of Footesite Park, a 
park operated by Oscoda and Consumer's Power.

These birds (both mature adults) were easily distinguishable from Tundra 
swans due to their size, bill shape, and faint streaking on the tops of their 
heads. I got good views of wings and legs, and neither bird was banded or tagged 
in any way.

I watched the pair feed and rest for half an hour before I left - they 
remained, looking quite comfortable.

Kyle Bagnall
acanum at 
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