Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Lake Fenton, Genesee Co - 11-14-04

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Mon Nov 15 20:22:58 EST 2004

Hello Mich-Listers,

Just after 5:00 yesterday afternoon  I saw 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls at the north end of Lake Fenton in southern Genesee County. Virtually all of Lake Fenton is surrounded by development and I observed the gulls from the property in back of a church at the corner of North Long Lake & Torrey Rds. This spot can be reached by exiting US-23 at Thompson Rd (exit 84) and going east to Torrey Rd (the first intersection) and turning south (right). The next road is N Long Lake. If you park in the church parking lot, you can follow a walkway around the right side of the church to the property in back along the lake.

In the late afternoon, gulls stream into the north end of Lake Fenton from a local landfill several miles to the north along Torrey Rd next to US-23. 

I guessed about 3,000 Ring-billed & Herring Gulls were resting on the lake when I got there at 5:00. A scope is a must here because of the distance. Your best alternative to the church property would be asking permission from a homeowner on the northeast side of the lake to scan  from their backyard. You could try Lakeside Landing Rd off Fenton Rd and or another road between there and N Long Lake. There is a state boat launch off Grove Park Rd several miles south of N Long Lake Rd, but views would be quite distant from there.

Good luck,

Jeff Buecking

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