Bohemian Waxwing; Marq. Co. 11/15

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Mon Nov 15 17:52:55 EST 2004

Howdy Listers,
 I had a couple of flocks of Bohemian Waxwings today in eastern Marquette County. A large flock of 170 birds were at Lake Lavasser along Kawbagum Rd. south of M-28. The Boho's were feeding in the Ilex Holly in the large marsh along the lake. A second flock of 14 Waxwings were seen along Lakewood Blvd. in the town of Harvey.
In the Lower Harbor of Marquette, I had a adult Glaucous Gull and both Black and Surf Scoters.
Winter Finch numbers are starting to build up in the central U.P. with large numbers of Common Redpolls being seen. Smaller numbers of Pine Grosbeaks, White-winged and Red Crossbills are also starting to be more frequently observed.
Good Birding
  ~Skye Haas

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