King Eiders still at Port Huron - November 15

Allen Chartier amazilia1 at
Mon Nov 15 14:39:26 EST 2004


Two King Eiders, an immature male and a female, were again seen this morning
(Monday), November 15.  The birds were well south into the river, as far
south as Edison Park, at 8:15 a.m., and they flew north to Lighthouse Park
on two occasions through 11:00 a.m.  Good views were had at Lighthouse Park,
as well as at Riverview Road, though the birds drifted by quickly at the
latter locale in the faster current in the river mouth.

Four photos of these two birds have been posted on the BIRDERS at UMICH photo
sharing site.  Go to:

With the various reports of two males, two females, three birds at once,
four birds, etc., it would be helpful for everyone to either try to
photograph the birds they see, or provide written descriptions each of them.
As compiler for the Michigan Bird Survey for fall, I'd like to be able to
figure out how many birds there really are.  I know that the immature male I
saw today was almost certainly the same bird I saw on Friday, when it looked
very similar to the female.  Light conditions can clearly alter the
appearance of this individual significantly.  So far, only two birds have
been officially "documented" here.  Thanks!

To reach Lighthouse Park, take I-94 to its end and turn right onto Hancock
Road.  Take Hancock Road to Wright Street and turn left (if you turn right,
you soon come to a parking area with a view of the river...Edison Park).
After turning left onto Wright Street turn right onto Garfield to Omar.
Turn left onto Omar and go about 1/4 mile to Lighthouse Park on the right.
Riverview Street is half way between Edison Park and Lighthouse Park.  Note
that Riverview Street is a heavy-use area during the week, with many
semi-trucks coming and going, so please park well to the end of the road to
avoid being in the way.

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