Townsend's Solitaire, Marq. Co 11/6

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Sun Nov 7 08:57:06 EST 2004

Howdy Listers,
 Zach Gayk and I had a Townsend's Solitaire yesterday afternoon on the Yellow Dog Plains. The bird was briefly seen and heard along the Triple AAA Road about a 1/2 mile east of the Salmon Trout River. This location is about a mile or so west of where I had one a couple of weeks ago. Hard to say if it's the same bird again, I have been looking for it unsuccessfully and with all the Solitaire reports across the Yoop I suppose it’s possible it’s a new bird.
Other decent finds for the day included Northern Shrike, Boreal Chickadee, 8 Red Crossbills, a whopping 12 Grey Jays and most interestingly, a big pile of fluff that turned out to be the remains of a Great Grey Owl. I'm thinking that a Great Horned Owl took out the Grey Ghost. As for its origin, I could see a Great Grey being a possible summer resident of the Yellow Dog, but with all the reports of Great Grey Owls coming in from Minnesota it’s hard to say where this bird came from. I think it’s pretty likely that this is going to be a good winter for owls. The verdict is still out on winter finchs though.
Good Birding
      ~Skye Haas

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