Red-throated Loon, Black Scoter, L-b. Dowitcher, Allegan Co. 11/1/04

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Mon Nov 1 23:59:49 EST 2004


Plenty of water bird activity today here in Allegan Co. Highlights follow.

>From Douglas Public Beach 11 Black Scoters were observed. From the guard rail on Lakeshore Dr. (1/4 mi south of DPB) were several rafts of Red-breasted Mergansers totaling 2000+ birds. Numerous Com. Loon and Horned Grebe here as well. 

>From the Oval Beach 4 more Black Scoter and one Red-throated Loon were fly-bys. Also, 8 Sanderling linger here with a newly arrived flock of 22 Snow Bunting.

One Long-billed Dowitcher, 12 Dunlin, one Pectoral and one Least Sandpiper are still present in Fennville. (E-mail me for specific directions.)

After being drained earlier this year, the M-89 wetlands (west of the Kalamazoo River) are again flooded creating habitat for scads of waterfowl. Of the 22 species present interesting were 1500+ Ring-necked Duck and 2 lingering Pied-billed Grebe. A half dozen Rusty Blackbirds were here as well.

5 Cackling Geese were at the Todd Farm Units of the Allegan State Game Area.

A flock of 300+ Am. Tree Sparrow were newly arrived at Hacklander Landing DNR boat launch at the north end of 63rd St. on the south side of the Kalamazoo Rv.

Also, several Fox Sparrow and Purple Finch were visitors to my feeders here in Douglas.

Good birding!
Rick Brigham
Douglas MI

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