golden winged and blue winged warblers- Bay County

Cindy Mead michiganbirder at
Thu May 6 14:30:56 EDT 2004


yesterday we had two GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLERS and one BLUE-WINGED WARBLER at Nayanquing Wildlife area, in Bay County.  We were in the area east of the Prevo Road entrance. The area the birds were in is reached by parking at the end of Prevo Road, past the first two-track and ditch, then taking the dike that runs north/south to the south.   The warblers were about 1/2 way down in thick cover on the east side of the trail.  The dike eventually turns east where it runs out to the bay and a colony of Yellow-headed Blackbirds. 

good birding,
Cindy Mead
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