Ottawa County Long-eared Owl

JAMES KRUPKA leroymeow at
Wed Mar 17 18:24:16 EST 2004

Today there was a long-eared owl at the VanRaalte Farm near the city of 
Holland.  It was in the bottomlands of the farm amongst hawthorns trees.  It 
was found by Theresa Gratton and the staff of the DeGraaf Nature Center.

>From the Country Club Rd parking lot, follow trail downhill to the river, 
cross the bridge, and follow trail to right.  When trail takes sharp left, 
there is a split in the trail.  The bird was located only about 25 feet into 
the trees on the left.  It is best seen from the trail that branches off to 
the left.

If you chase this one, please be remember to be mindful of the bird and its 
comfort level in regard to human disturbances.

Good Birding,
Jamie Krupka
Outdoor Discovery Center
Holland, MI

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