Laughing Gull--Berrien Co--30 Jun

Jonathan Wuepper wuepperj at
Wed Jun 30 18:13:47 EDT 2004


There has been an adult LAUGHING GULL present at, or just north of Tiscornia 
Park, St. Joseph in BERRIEN COUNTY, since 27 June (initially found by Tim 

The gull was present as of this late afternoon---but north of the public 
beach, roughly 1/4 mile.

Birders should know that there is a new law prohibiting the general public 
passage on the Great Lakes beaches in Michigan, on private land. The way I 
understand the law, you can travel past private beaches, so long as you are 
in the water, but if you are walking on the beach (even at water's edge), 
you are tresspassing. (I suppose someone more well versed than I in legal 
terms could word this better. Hopefully you get the idea).

However, at the north boundary of Tiscornia Park, it is posted that portage 
along the waters edge is permitted. If you walk along this private beach, 
please be respectful.

Good Birding,

Jon Wuepper

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