Berrien birds 6/27

Erik Enbody eskimobboy at
Mon Jun 28 12:13:40 EDT 2004

Yesterday I did a little birding in southern Berrien county with my dad. 
Highlights were 4 singing Prarie Warblers in Warren Dunes State Park in the 
same spot Kip Miller reported them:

". . .I found a couple of Prairie Warblers at a location in the park that 
offers a bit easier access than the "traditional" location along the Blue 
Jay Trail to the far west of Floral Lane. To reach this location enter the 
park via the main entrance and turn right towards the campground after 
passing the entrance booths. Before reaching the campground you'll see a 
parking area and a picnic shelter on the left. Park here and follow the 
trail leading west into a large open dune area. Follow the trail for a 
couple of hundred yards over level terrain until it begins to climb 
noticeably up a rise. At this point veer left off the trail towards the 
wooded dune ahead and to the left. The birds were singing from the brushy 
habitat at the base of this dune."

The grass on the west end of the landfill on Forest Lake Rd. have been 
mowed, did not locate the previously reported grassland species there.

In the woods by the river on Forest Lake Rd. we found a N. Parula, but no 
Yellow-throated Warbler or White-eyed Vireo, but it was getting laterin the 
afternoon so they could have been quite. Strangely, we came across what we 
thought may have been a partial albino Indigo Bunting.

We next headed down the nearby Lakeside road, after a tip from a passing 
birder on a bike who mentioned seeing the Yellow-throated in there. We did 
not find one, but did find a Cerulean Warbler singing, but not seen. Also 
had the Acadian Flycather there.
Hope this helps and good birding,
Erik Enbody
East Lansing

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