Mississippi kite and dickcissel in Muskegon County

Francke francke at novagate.net
Sat Jun 26 17:27:19 EDT 2004

An adult Mississippi kite was seen today (Saturday) about 9:30 a.m. by 12
people during an Ottawa County Parks Birding Trip.  The bird was only seen
in flight while walking the dike road at the Muskegon State Game Area.  The
kite disappeared in the distance and was not seen again by the group.  This
is the same location a Mississippi kite was observed in 1986.  Two
dickcissels and two orchard orioles (one adult male and one first year male)
were also seen at the Muskegon Wastewater.

Kite location:  from the intersection of M-46 and Maple Island Road, travel
north on Maple Island Road 3.3 miles to a gravel drive on the left side of
the road (this gravel drive is unmarked and is at the bottom of a hill where
oncoming traffic can be hard to see, so take care when entering and exiting
this drive).  After entering the gravel drive, drive the gravel road about 1
mile and watch for a swamp on the left with lots of dead trees.  Check
between this swamp and the small parking area at the end of the drive (the
bird was seen high over this area).  This area is known as Lane's Landing by

The dickcissels were in the middle of the grassy cells to the north of the
wastewater ponds.  The dikes between the grassy cells have small cement
structures each with an electric box next to it.  Each electric box is
numbered.  The dickcissels were near C7 and C8.

The orchard orioles were in the vicinity of the trees near the observatory
and the tower across from the observatory at the wastewater.

Chip Francke

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