Golden Eagle, Marquette Co. 6/18

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Fri Jun 18 13:44:39 EDT 2004

Howdy Folks,
  I was pretty suprised to see an adult Golden Eagle today while atlasing in western Marquette County. The bird was soaring in a valley along county road FX/US 41 two and a half miles north of US 41. This road is two miles east of the intersection of Us41 and 95. Other notables this morning were a family of 6 Grey Jays, 4 Red Crossbills, Black-backed Woodpecker and a Black Bear.
Other recent highlights from the Atlas have been a Western Meadowlark just south of the intersection of Tunteri Rd and Takinem Rd in western Alger County SW of Chatam.
A Least Bittern and another Western Meadowlark at the DNR access site at Rapid River, Delta County. 
And a Grasshopper Sparrow in western Delta County on D27 north of county RD 414 west of Escanaba.
Good Birding
   ~Skye Haas

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