birds at Muskegon Wastewater on 6/17

Francke francke at
Thu Jun 17 20:52:36 EDT 2004

Several birds of note were seen today at the Muskegon Wastewater during an
Ottawa County Parks field trip.  A Western meadowlark was singing in the
large field south of the model airplane field.  A Northern mockingbird was
perched on a radio tower guy wire directly across the road from the
observatory.  A male orchard oriole was carrying food to young in small
group of trees next to the observatory.

To reach the observatory from the intersection of M-46 and Maple Island
Road:  travel north on Maple Island Rd. about 2 miles to the Muskegon
Wastewater entrance.  Turn east into the entrance and travel to the
observatory which is on the south side of the road past the entry drive to
the wastewater offices.

To reach the model airplane field from the intersection of M-46 and Swanson
Road:  travel south on Swanson Rd. to the first main intersection.  The
model airplane field is on the northwest corner of this intersection.
Continue south on Swanson road to a row of tall trees on the west side of
the road.  The meadowlark was in this field on the west side near the row of

Chip Francke

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