Michigan Birding June 11-14, 2004

Patrick Santinello patrick at qprocorp.com
Tue Jun 15 14:18:12 EDT 2004

Hello Birders,
I just wanted to, once again, thank all of the birders we met or who
responded to our RFI.  The information we received made our trip far more
The highlights are as follows......(anyone who wants the trip-list can
e-mail me privately).
Lower Peninsula:
Kirtland's Warbler (found on one of the two-tracks that heads south off of
North Down River Road east of Bald Hill Road as well as along Beasley road
which is south of Grayling off of Four Mile Road east of the highway)
Trumpeter Swan (a pair seemingly on nest at the end of the above mentioned
two-track off N Down River)
Black Tern....a spectacular individual (Nayanquing Point Wildlife Area near
Bay City)
Yellow Headed Blackbird (Nayanquing)
Savannah, Grasshopper and Vesper sparrow at Chippewa Nature Center near
Midland (no Henslow's here unfortunately).
Upper Peninsula: 
Black-Backed Woodpecker was seen at the previously productive Conn Warbler
spot ~1.2 miles in on Forest Service road 3344, there is a trail marker with
a fan belt around the bottom. This is where we had our first BB Woodpecker.
Connecticut Warbler (seen very well after following its song to the tree it
was in 200-250 yards into a bog).... around 2.5 miles in on Forest road 3344
the road bears south, you will cross an open bog on your left, where the
woods start again and just before the road bears west again there is a
two-track to the left, park here, as soon as we stepped out of our truck we
heard the bird, once we found the tree it was in we had to wait around a
half hour for it to actually show itself. Worth the wait ...Forest road 3344
heads west off of M123 just north of Trout Lake.
Spruce Grouse (My 500th North American bird!!,  We stood 6-8 feet from this
bird as it sat in a Spruce Tree along Vermillion road just behind the cement
slab before you reach the left hand turnoff to the "dam".  This bird then
dropped to the ground and puffed itself up a little, this was a memorable
bird for number 500).
At the end of Forest road 3344 there is a "T", we headed north on 3145....
at a number of wet spots (especially the bridge) we heard Mourning Warbler,
we also heard Yellow Bellied and Olive Sided Flycatcher along this road. We
tromped into the bog again and got great looks at the YB Fly but couldn't
coax the Mourning Warbler out for a look. As we were trying to track the YB
Fly we came upon a critter stirring up the leaf litter, as we peered over a
fallen snag we saw another Black-Backed Woodpecker around 8-10 feet from us.
We semi-struck out at Hulbert Bog not seeing Gray Jay or Boreal Chickadee we
did however hear Yellow Bellied Fly and had a cooperative Alder Flycatcher
At Whitefish point we had Canada Warbler, Cape May Warbler and Magnolia
Warbler out behind the Souvenir Shop (along with the Evening Grosbeaks at
the feeders and the Cliff Swallows nesting under the Lighthouse). Here we
also had Northern Harrier and Merlin out near the dunes.
I'd also like to extend a special Thank You to Adam Byrne and Chris at the
Good birding to all.
Patrick Santinello
Montauk, NY
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