Connecticut Warblers---Chippewa County

Jonathan Wuepper wuepperj at
Fri Jun 11 09:35:52 EDT 2004


Received last night, from a visiting birder from Texas:

"CONNECTICUT WARBLERS, they are located in
CHIPPEWA COUNTY,  on Forest Rd. 3344. To get there from the Straits area 
take M-123
North about 2 miles past Trout Lake to Forest Rd. 3344 and take a left into 
woods 1.25-1.30 miles. There is a trail marker at the exact spot. The birds 
off to the right of the road in and around the back of a small spruce 
thicket 50
yards into the woods. The bog area behind the thicket is somewhat moist. 
boots will be helpful.

Jim Hinson
Houston, Tx."

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