Summer Tanager, Montmorency County, June 4, 2004

Caleb Putnam larus10 at
Fri Jun 4 19:02:14 EDT 2004


I just caught wind of a male Summer Tanager seen this morning in a rural 
area of Montmorency County, today, June 4 2004.  A graduate student from 
Michigan State doing fieldwork found the bird this morning while doing point 

It was in a very rural area and directions are tough, but here goes.  The 
bird was seen just south of the Presque Isle County border on Clay Pit Rd.  
This is accessed by taking M-32 east of Gaylord, and going north on M-33 in 
Atlanta.  Somewhere just under 20 miles north of Atlanta, turn right (east) 
on Clay Pit Rd.  Clay Pit Rd is unlabelled in the DeLorme, but is on page 
83.  It is the road crossing M-33 about 2 miles south of the words "Canada 
Creek Ranch" (look at the DeLorme map page 83).  Take Clay Pit right about 
5-6 miles as it winds north and east.  The DeLorme is confusing here but 
just stay on the main road.  You will reach a large stand of 4-5 foot tall 
jack pines on the east side of the road, about 1-2 miles before reaching the 
Presque Isle County border.  At the back of this jack pine stand is an aspen 
grove jutting out into the jack pine stand.  The tanager was in this aspen 
grove, and was singing.  You will have to walk around the young jack pines 
as the area is closed Kirtland's Warbler habitat, but you could walk any 
public road through the habitat that you find.

For clarity, if you're using the DeLorme atlas, the bird was seen just over 
a mile west of the letter C printed on the right side of the map, just off 
the map, on page 83.  If you need more accurate directions, give me an email 
or call.

Good Birding,

Caleb G Putnam
Kalkaska, MI
larus10 at

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