Henslow's & Dickcissel - Barry County

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Thu Jun 3 14:03:13 EDT 2004

   After all the fun at the sewage ponds I went down to the field Brian posted about in Barry County and found a single singing Henslow's Sparrow, saw a flying male Dickcissel and also observed some Bobolinks and a Yellow-billed Cuckoo across the road from the large field.

Scott Jennex

> Yesterday morning I heard at least five male HENSLOW'S SPARROWS calling in the CRP fields to the southeast of the intersection of Cloverdale Road and Broadway in central Barry County.  They were present at this location last spring.  The field is about a mile east of the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute.   Also heard a DICKCISSEL singing in the field as well as a 
> few male BOBOLINKS displaying.  
> Bryan Holliday
> ICAves2 at aol.com

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