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*June 3rd, 2004

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compiled: 03 Jun 2004
compiler: Jon Wuepper



*=On Michigan Bird Records Committee Species Review List. Please send 
documentation to: Jack Reinoehl, c/o MBRC, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI 

Additional species mentioned:

Snowy Egret (Gratiot County)
Merlin (Iosco County)
Hudsonian Godwit (Gratiot County)
Whimbrel (Iosco County)
Bonaparte’s Gull (Iosco County)
Little Gull (Iosco County)
Ring-billed Gull (Ionia County)
Franklin’s Gull (Ionia County)
Red Knot (Monroe County)
White-eyed Vireo (Berrien County)
Worm-eating Warbler (Berrien County)
White-winged Crossbills (Grand Traverse County)

This is the Michigan Statewide Bird Report for Thursday, June 3rd, 2004, 
which is being sponsored by the CONSERVATION FUND. Check out their website, 

In MONROE COUNTY on May 28th, Lyle Hamilton and others reported the 
previously reported BLACK-NECKED STILTS* in the back of cell 2 (Lake Erie 
side) of the Point Mouillee State Same Area.  An additional bird (or the 
same bird that moved) was later observed on one of the mud islands in the 
lead unit. This island was observed from the dyke between the lead unit and 
cell 2/cell 3. At least 1 STILT was relocated on May 30th, by Caleb Putnam. 
A RED KNOT was also observed at Point Mouilee SGA, May 28th.

In GRATIOT COUNTY, a HUDSONIAN GODWIT was observed, May 28th, initially by 
Jack Reinoehl, in the “Maple River area”. Bruce Cohen provided directions: 
Go east on Ranger Road which is the first road north of where the Maple 
River crosses US 27 in very southern GRATIOT COUNTY.  In just under a mile 
(before Baldwin Road). There is a flooded field on the south side of the 
road, which is where the bird was located.  Jack Reinhoel first found the 
bird, about a mile further east in a pond that had dried up when I was there 
at about 8:00 PM. The bird is not in full breeding plumage but does have a 
fair amount of red on the breast.  On May 30th, Caleb Putnam found a SNOWY 
EGRET at this location, but no GODWIT.

In IONIA COUNTY, June 1st, Kevin Thomas reported 3 FRANKLIN’S GULLS, at the 
Lakewood Wastewater Ponds near Lake Odessa. The birds were roosting with the 
RING-BILLED GULLS on the dikes between the ponds. Kevin noted that during 
the sighting, 2 of the FRANKIN’S GULLS flew off to the west, toward Lake 
Odessa. The 3rd bird remained there the entire time, and was still roosting 
when Kevin left. Kevin reported: “The gates at the ponds are open from 7am 
to 3pm Monday thru Friday and 8 to noon on Saturday. It is O'K to bird the 
ponds between these hours, but you need to check in at the office. The gulls 
would be visible from the outside of the gate if you got there after hours. 
The ponds are located on Harwood Road, just south of Musgrove Road.

In IOSCO COUNTY on May 30th, Karl Overman found two immature LITTLE GULLS, 
at Tawas Point. The LITTLE GULLS were among a flock of 60 BONAPARTE’S GULLS 
on a long, narrow sandbar of the end of Tawas Point. Some of Karl’s 
additional noteworthy birds from the point included 1 WHIMBREL and 1 MERLIN 
on May 30th, and a PIPING PLOVER on May 29th.

In GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY on May 28th, Jason Weckstien reported a flock of 
approximately 10 WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS, in the spruce trees on the golf 
course of the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme.

In BERRIEN COUNTY, I observed a WORM-EATING WARBLER on June 1st, along the 
Yellow Birch Trail at Warren Dunes State Park. Another report of the 
species, (lacking details), occurred June 1st, in the parking area of Warren 
Woods State Park (Elm Valley Road entrance.) A WHITE-EYED VIREO was reported 
from Warren Woods that day, at the Galien River. I observed a WHITE-EYED 
VIREO on June 1st, at the bridge (closed) on Lakeside Road, just north of 
Forest Lawn Road. Quick note re: WORM-EATING WARBLER observations. Observers 
are strongly encouraged to visually confirm such sightings, and when 
reporting the species, should include brief notes about the sighting (ID 
marks, etc.)

Guided “Kirtland’s Warbler Tours” will be conducted by the U.S. Fish & 
Wildlife Service from May 15 through July 4, 2004 departing from the Holiday 
Inn in Grayling, Michigan. The tours are offered daily at 7:00 a.m. and at 
11:00 a.m. and are free of charge.

The U.S. Forest Service will conduct daily tours from May 15 through July 2, 
2004 (except on Memorial Day) with tours departing at 7:00 a.m. from the 
U.S. Forest Service District Ranger Office in Mio, Michigan. The USFS tour 
will cost $5.00 per person under the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program.

For more information on the KIRTLAND’S WARBLER, go to:

The next scheduled update of this report will be on Thursday, June 10th, 
2004. To report your sightings, please leave a message at the sound of the 
tone or call Jon Wuepper at 269-556-9510. Thanks for calling and good 


“Michigan Birds and Natural History”. Our state ornithological journal. 
Contains the Michigan Bird Survey, etc. (New link)

Michigan Bird Records Committee website: 

“North American Birds”, a quarterly journal, published by the American 
Birding Association: http://americanbirding.org/publications/nabgen.htm

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