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Requests are piling up  for information on Berrien "specialty" birds (YT WA< 
etc, etc). Easiest thing for me to do, is to post. Hopefully, this will 
satisfy demand.

WORM-EATING WARBLER: 1 on 1 Jun at Yellow Birch Trail, Warren Dunes SP 
(WDSP). Visually confirmed (by me), at south "start point" of boardwalk. 
Another, NOt visually confirmed (not my observation), was reported 1 Jun, at 
parking area of Warren Woods SP (Elm Valley entrance).

WHITE-EYED VIREO: 1 on 1 Jun, seen from Lake side bridge; another report, 1 
Jun, along Galien River at Warren Woods SP.

NOTE: Large field at NE corner of Flynn and Elm Valley was HERBICIDED this 
weekend. No more good stuff (and no babies).

DICKCISSEL: 1-3 birds on 1 Jun, present along Mill (AKA AVERY) Rd, north of 
Kruger Rd. Hayfields in need of mowing. (Better get these while you can!).

WESTERN MEADOWLARK: 1 heard vocalizing within last week, at DickCissel 
location (but on opposet side of road, among the cows.)

SEDGE WREN: same location as DICKSISSEL. Also at WEST END/FIELD of Forest 
Lawn Landfill, on Forest Lawn Road. DO NOT go beyond gate, if open! I heard 
this species among fallow fields along Elm Valley Rd, east of Mill (Avery)_ 
on 31 May.

HENSLOWS SPARROW: Landfill location, 1 Jun,  (as above). I would suspect 
Flynn and Elm Valley birds erraticated (sp?). Try Sarett NC s prairie 
restoration, and/or upland of Brown Sancturay.

along Forest Lawn Raod, and/or Lakeside Rd bridge (which is out). 
YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER also seen recently at Galien River at Warren Woods 

CLAY-COLORED SPARROW: Seen at Sarett NC Prairie Restoration within the last 

Kip Miller posted the following on the listserve of the Berrien Birding 
Club. All are localuncommon species:


I heard/saw some interesting grassland birds while cycling a Bridgman, 
Berrien Springs & Buchanan loop this morning.

SEDGE WRENS: Quite a few around this year it seems. I heard them from hay 
type fields in several locations, including on Livingston Road north of 
Bridgman. Look on the north side below the power lines between Gast & 
Jericho Roads, just west of the Ultra Seal factory/building.

NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD: One was singing away on one of the employee picnic 
tables at the Ultra Seal facility noted above!

DICKCISSELl: In addition to the previously reported birds on Mill Road, I 
heard one or more on Rangeline Road, south of Matthew Road, on the east side 
of the road across from the sod farm.

HENSLOW'S SPARROW: One was singing in a large field on the north side of 
Warren Woods Road, to the east of West Clear Lake Road. (Buchanan area)  It 
was actually just across from the entrance to a camp - but I've forgotten 
the name.... Sadly, this location may become more important as the field at 
the corner of Elm Valley & Flynn is scheduled to return to corn or soy bean 
production this summer. (We had great looks at Henslow's at this location on 
the Saturday BBC field trip.)

GRASSHOPPER SPARROW: On Gast Road to the north of Browntown Road. In the 
hayfield on the east side of the road, just north of a nursing home.

PROTHONOTARY WARBLER: I actually saw this while birding yesterday at the 
Jasper Dairy Road public access site on the St. Joe River north of Berrien 
Springs. It seems to be on territory near the south end of the access site, 
in the strip of riverside woods near the south end of the parking lot. (The 
opposite end from the boat launch....) Jasper Dairy Road is located between 
Rocky Weed and John Beers Roads. Watch out for the posion ivy if you decide 
to go in after it! [NOTE: Also present at Sarett NCs Brown Sanctuary, and at 
end of Sarett's 'River Trail", JTW.]

Good birding, Kip Miller"

Jon Wuepper

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