Franklin's Gulls in Ionia County, June 1

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Tue Jun 1 13:00:21 EDT 2004

This morning, about 9:30, I had three 2nd summer Franklin's Gulls at the Lakewood Wastewater ponds near Lake Odessa in southwest Ionia county.  The birds were roosting with the Ring-billed Gulls on the dikes between the ponds.  Two of the birds flew off to the west while I was there toward Lake Odessa.  They may have went out to the fields in the area.  There were a lot of Ring-bills in the flooded fields around the ponds.  The 3rd bird remained there the entire time I was there and was still roosting when I left.  The gates at the ponds are open from 7 to 3 Monday thru Friday and 8 to noon on Saturday.  It is O'K to bird the ponds between these hours, but you need to check in at the office.  The gulls would be visible from the outside of the gate if you got there after hours.  The ponds are located on Harwood Rd. just south of Musgrove Rd.  Good birding.
Kevin Thomas
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