Eastern UP Birding Great Gray, Gyrfalcon, Hawk Owl

Dan Gertiser dangertiser at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 14:51:41 EST 2004


For everyone interested in heading to the UP here is a
trip report from Wednesday thru Friday.   

On the way north, we had a Rough Legged Hawk north of
West Branch,  we didn't have any while we were in the

We stopped at Point LaBarre and the previously
reported Great Gray was easily found, we were here at
1:00.   However, we looked for it this morning,
Friday, and did not see it.    Also at Point LaBarre,
were Common Redpolls, a Northern Shrike and several
Eagles out on the ice.

We found the previously reported Hawk Owl at the end
of the Soo Line Road.   It was perched within 200
yards of the parking lot and was very cooperative.  
Other birders that we ran into there reported a Hoary
Redpoll in with some Common Redpolls.    

At Hulbert Bog, we had Gray Jays, and along M-28
heading back to the Soo we also had a Great Horned,
making Wednesday a three owl day!  My wife did a
wonderful job pulling a emergency stop so we could see
this bird.

At the Soo there was a Great Gray seen on Riverside
between 9-10 mile Rd on the East side of the road. 
Find the Blue house and blue barn, and it was north by
about 50 yards.    There is a huge woodlot here, so
good luck.  We were unable to find this bird on

There was  a Gyrfalcon reported at the Edison Power
Plant on Wednesday.   We checked several times on
Thursday, and did not see it.   Also seen at the power
plant was a Peregrine over the river.

Also, reported but not seen by me was a Black Backed
Woodpecker on Riverside south of 5 mile.   (The
directions I received were not too clear!)  They
suggested checking feeders.

Finally, we saw several Pine Grosbeaks, these birds
should be easy to find.    

We did not go to Either Sugar or Nebish Island.  
Since we were lucky enough to find the Great Grays on
the mainland.  

We did not hear of any reports of Snowy Owls being

Finally, to cap our trip off, we found some Snow
Buntings 10 miles south of the Bridge.  Since we saw
these at 75 MPH, (70 for any police reading this) we
were tickled with this id, at this speed.   

Good Birding


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