NO California Gull in Berrien Co., December 29th, 2004

Brad Murphy bmurphy22 at
Thu Dec 30 17:29:12 EST 2004


    I was unable to locate the California Gull previously reported from the 
Forest Lawn Landfill on Wednesday, December 29th. There appears to be a 
significant amount of turnover in birds from day-to-day as I had no Lesser 
Black-backed Gulls and only 1 Glaucous Gull. I did have two Great 
Black-backed Gulls (both adults). As a reminder to anyone looking for the 
this bird it is a 2nd Fall bird and not a 1st Fall bird as noted in the 
Michigan Rare Bird Alert today. Good luck.
   As a side note, there was a 1st winter Glaucous gull and an American Coot 
at New Buffalo.

Brad Murphy

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