Harris's Sparrow - Oakland Co

Steve Santner santners at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 30 16:47:36 EST 2004

    The previously reported Harris's Sparrow is still at the feeder near 
Clarkston.  It was seen at least 4 times today and Mike expected it to 
show up at least once more - it typically appears between 4:00-5:00PM in 
addition to other times during the day so it looks pretty sure for now. 
 Please call ahead (Mike Walls at 248-625-3088) before showing up.  This 
bird cannot be seen from the street. The location is 6481 Springfield 
Lane.  Take I75 to the Dixie Highway exit.  Go south to the first road 
going west and turn right onto Big Lake Rd.  Go 2-3 miles on this road 
through several twists and turns until you reach Springfield Lane on the 
north side (right side) of the road.  If you reach Andersonville Rd, 
you've gone too far.  Turn around and go 0.2 miles back to Springfield 
Lane.  6481 is the second house on the left.  It has a for sale sign in 

    Steve Santner

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