Chippewa County Birding - Dec. 26-28

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Wed Dec 29 09:34:45 EST 2004

Hello Listers,

I spent the past few days birding the eastern U.P. with my brother, Keith 
Bagnall and Ken Bagnall, my father. Here are a few highlights you might find of 
interest: On 12/27, we spotted a HERMIT THRUSH on Sugar Island on Homestead 
Road, two miles south of 8 Mile Road. It was feeding on berries in some shrubs in 
a wet area, along with Cedar Waxwings and a Redpoll. On the same day, we 
spotted a PERGRINE FALCON perched on top of the Edison Electric building in the 
Soo. Flocks of PINE GROSEBEAKS were common in several locations, especially on 
Sugar Island. We saw a flock of about 80 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS feeding in bushes in 
front of a house on Riverside Road. We also located a SHARP- TAILED GROUSE 
under someone's bird feeder on 7 Mile Road. A few GLAUCOUS GULLS were soaring 
above the Dafter Landfill on 12/26 and we saw a NORTHERN SHRIKE on Neebish 
Island, on Brander Rd., north of 15 Mile Rd. We saw not one winter owl in Chippewa 
County the entire three days! 

In Eastern Luce County on 12/28, we were unable to locate the Hawk Owl on Soo 
Line Road, in spite of hiking down the railroad tracks (on snowshoes) and 
much searching. We did spot several flocks of COMMON REDPOLLS in this location, 
and some BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS. We also saw some GRAY JAYS eating off a gut pile on 
the side of the road at the Hulbert Bog, just southwest of Hulbert. 

Good Birding,

Kyle Bagnall
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