Lapeer Northern Goshawk

Luke Redmond luk916 at
Tue Dec 28 22:11:45 EST 2004

I apologize for the late posting, I haven't had email access for a couple of 
days.  On Sunday while taking the garbage out at my parents' house I saw an 
immature Northern Goshawk in the driveway.  This is in Lapeer County a 
couple miles north of Lapeer.  First time I've seen this species in my 
parents yard.  It was feeding on a small songbird and when it flew away I 
checked out the pile of feathers left behind to determine what it's meal was 
but was unable to arrive at an exact id, besides some feathers all I found 
was a leg.  It looked like a sparrow.  I haven't seen it since, but if 
anyone wants to look we live on Flint River Rd. which is off of Millville 
Road.  Good birding.
Luke Redmond

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