California Gull in Berrien County on 27 December 2004

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Mon Dec 27 22:10:09 EST 2004


While participating on the New Buffalo CBC, Phil Chu and I located a 2nd fall California Gull at the Forest Lawn Landfill, Berrien County (approximately 5-6 miles east of New Buffalo).  The bird was roosting with a couple hundred gulls in the cornfield on the east side Basswood Road, just south of Forest Lawn Road.  The field is directly acroos the street from the landfill's active dumping site, where another 2500+ gulls were present.

At this time, permission to walk up on the hill to look into the landfill property is not secured.  Efforts are being made to gain permission for birders to walk up to the fence, but for now, PLEASE TO NOT GO UP THE HILL.  Footprints up to the fence will be obvious, but special permission was granted for the participants of today's CBC.  So, please remain on the road edge when viewing the gulls.  Further posts will be made if permission is granted.

Other gulls present at this location were at least 3 Thayer's Gulls (1 first year, 2 adults), 3 Glaucous Gulls (1 first year, 2 adults), and 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls (1 first year, 1 adult).

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Adam M. Byrne
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