12/24/04 Iceland Gulls Tyler Rd (Grace) Pond Bellville Wayne Cty.

Andrew Dettling dendroica222 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 24 20:14:10 EST 2004

Greg Norwood, Mark Dettling and I had 2 - 2nd Winter Iceland Gulls at the Pond off of Tyler Rd on the Visteon Grounds at 8:30 AM.  One of the gulls was quite dark and sparked a discussion abount Iceland/Thayer's.  The bird in question had a light color tail so we concluded it was an Iceland, interesting bird none the less.  Tyler Rd is accessable from just NW of the I-94 and I-275 interchange in Bellville.  The Pond is on the E side of I-275.
We also had 3 Long-eared Owls at Lake Erie Metropark, along with Snow Buntings, a Swamp Sparrow and around 5,000 Canvasback!
On 12/23/04 I had one Common Redpoll at my parents feeders in Canton, MI (Wayne County).
Andy Dettling

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