Chippewa Gyrfalcon & Mackinaw Great Gray 12-24

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Fri Dec 24 17:22:03 EST 2004

    Fresh from the excitement of my lifer Varied Thrush in the Keweenaw 
yesterday, Tim Smart and I birded the eastern UP this morning. In Chippewa County I 
spotted a very light Gyrfalcon flying VERY fast to the west over the farm 
fields on Shunk Rd north of 10 Mile. We turned around to chase but were unable to 
   Around 11:30 we found a gorgeous Great Gray Owl on Pt LaBarbe Road. It was 
very active and we viewed it on several different perches. The bird was about 
2/3 of the way down the road (starting from the west end). We had checked  
the spot on H-57 north of M-2 where the Great Gray had been seen on the CBC 
earlier with no success.
  Other good birds:
   single Cackling Goose, Tumpeter Swan & N Shrike at Baraga, Baraga Co
   Sharp-tailed Grouse at 19 mile & I-75 and at m-129 & 5 mile Chippewa Co
   flock of Bohemian Waxwings at 3 mile & Seymour - Chippewa Co
   Pine Grosbeaks at the Varied Thrush spot in Jacobsville - Houghton Co 

Merry Christmas & Good Birding,

Scott Jennex
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