Hoary Redpoll-Berrien County, 12/23-24

Tim Baerwald digiscopingtim at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 16:41:10 EST 2004

     Yesterday afternoon, and all day to day (12/24) a Hoary Redpoll
has been visiting my feeders. The Hoary has been regular at the
feeders coming when the siskins come to feed. Photos of the redpoll
are up on my website. Here are the directions to my house for anyone
that wants to see the redpoll. I live on Meadowbrook Rd. 1/4 mile east
of where it crosses M-140. Meadowbrook is first road south of the
blinking stop light were Napier crosses M-140. My house is the white
house with two big catalpa trees in the front yard, its also the first
house on the north side of the road. Our street number is 8383. The
feeders are at the back of the house. I will post if it is seen again
tomorrow. Here is my phone number in case anyone wants an update
between postings: (269) 944-1867.

Good Luck,
      Tim Baerwald
Tim Baerwald, 
Meadowbrook Rd. 
Eau Claire, MI

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