Michigan Birds and Natural History winter season

Allen Chartier amazilia1 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 23 15:24:15 EST 2004


I'd just like to add my personal request to please send in your report forms
to me for the Fall reporting season, which ended November 30 with reports
due on December 15.  My reporting deadline to American Birds is December 31,
so any sightings not submitted to me before then cannot be included.  I am
still missing reports for large portions of the state, and have not yet
received copies documentation/photos for several of the rarities reported
this past fall.  I have almost nothing from the entire northern Lower
Peninsula, and very little from the western Upper Peninsula.  Most years, I
receive more data from these areas than I have so far.  I appreciate your
efforts to get your reports to me as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Happy Holidays!

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