Muskegon Cty Snowy Owls, 22 Dec,& 2nd hand kittiwake (belated)

Caleb Putnam larus10 at
Wed Dec 22 19:31:12 EST 2004


Today, Dec 22 2004, my wife and I had 3 young Snowy Owls in Muskegon County 
(between 1600 and 1730 hrs):

1) 100 yds E. of intersection of Moorland & Cline, atop telephone pole.
2) Wastewater: intersection of White and Swanson.
3) Wastewater: field #33 (e. side of Swanson Rd, just north of east lagoon) 
- see map at this URL:

Also, I wanted to pass along a 2nd hand Black-Legged Kittiwake (juv/1st 
winter) seen 18 Dec during the Muskegon CBC by Carolyn Weng, Jeff Johnson, 
Brian Johnson, Ric Pedler and others.  The bird was seen at 1512 hrs from 
the observation deck at the campground at Muskegon State Park, flying south 
& north along the shore.  This can be reached by taking Scenic Dr south from 
Fenner or north from Memorial, turning in to the campground, parking at the 
registration hut and walking west ~100 yds to the observation deck 
overlooking Lake Michigan.  Carolyn Weng knew of no further reports of the 
bird as of today.

Good Birding,
Caleb Putnam

Caleb G Putnam
Grand Rapids, MI
larus10 at

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