Soo Trip December 20,21

gnorwood at gnorwood at
Wed Dec 22 15:36:42 EST 2004

On December 20, Mark Dettling, his parents, and I found a Great Gray Owl 
on Sugar Island, approximately one mile from the ferry along one 
and-a-half mile road.   Bohemian Waxwings were quite numerous with over 
300 seen. 

On the 21st, we encountered six Sharp-tailed Grouse at Riverside and 9 
mile.  Between 10 and 11 mile Roads along Hay lake Road we had a flock 
of 30 Pine Grosbeak, but they proved to be scattered throughout the 
region as were Northern Shrikes.

We refound the previously reported Northern Hawk Owl at the end of Soo 
Line Rd. in Luce Co.

Good birding,

Greg Norwood

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