Genesee County birds

Luke Redmond luk916 at
Fri Dec 17 16:08:19 EST 2004

This morning and early afternoon I did some scouting for tomorrow's Genesee 
County CBC.  Most of the time was spent driving backroads looking for active 
feeders but I did find some relatively good birds.  One Northern Flicker was 
pretty good, we haven't had one in the part of the count circle I'll be 
doing tomorrow for a couple of years.  Lots of gulls on Holloway Reservoir, 
mostly Ring-billed, with fewer Herring and about 50 Bonaparte's Gulls.  In 
the shrinking areas of open water there were about 200 Common Mergansers.  
There was also two Bald Eagles.  One looked like a third year bird, it was 
sitting on the ice eating what looked like an immature Herring Gull.  The 
other was an adult about 400 meters out sitting on the ice in the middle of 
the lake.  Both were seen at the parking lot from Stanley Rd at the border 
between Lapeer and Genesee counties.  Hopefully they are still around for 
tomorrow.  Good birding.
Luke Redmond

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