Berrien Snowy Update

Jonathan Wuepper wuepperj at
Mon Dec 13 07:39:43 EST 2004


To the best of my knowledge, the SNOWY OWL, reported from the 
Linco--Scottdale Road area of BERRIEN COUNTY, was last seen on Saturday, 11 

I was birding with Dave Vinnedge on Sunday (12 Dec), and we looked for the 
owl for a considerable amount of time, without success. We came across Rick 
Brigham, and about 3-4 other cars, all of whom were looking for the owl---we 
all struck out (I received no emails or phone calls from birders claiming 
relocation.). Dave and I were guessing that due to the high winds, the owl 
was perhaps keeping down low out of sight.

Dave and I managed to see 2 BLACK SCOTERS, off the Pier Road overlook at 
Lakeside, Sunday morning.

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