N Hawk-Owl - Luce Co, Great Gray Owls Chippewa Co 12/11

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Your postings have helped other birders.  Thanks.


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> Listers,
>  Today Doug Munson, Tim Smart and I refound and took pics of the Northern 
> Hawk-Owl on Soo Line Road in extreme eastern Luce County north of M-28. 
> The bird was teed up at the north (dead)end of the road. We also had a 
> Black-backed Woodpecker about 1/2 way back down to M-28.
> Later, Tim and I found a Great Gray Owl on Sugar Island just east of the 
> corner of 6 Mile & Homestead Roads. The Owl flew up and back into the 
> trees on the north side of the road to the west of the pole-barn-type 
> building.
> Still later, after dipping on Great Grays on Neebish Island I found a 
> gorgeous Great Gray on Riverside Drive between 10 and 11 Mile Roads, south 
> of the Soo. It sat on a fencepost and posed for pictures in the fading 
> light.
>  We also had a Northern Shrike on Irish Line Road north of M-28 near 
> Brimley and two Common Redpolls and fifteen Snow Buntings at feeders on 
> Irish Line. Pine Grosbeaks were seen at several places throughout the day.
>  At about 4:00 pm Doug & Kathy Munson found 3 Snowy Owls at the same time 
> in southern Chippewa Co in the field behind 20517 S Centerline Rd south of 
> 20 Mile Rd and west of I-75.
> Have Fun,
> Scott Jennex
> Fendale
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