White-winged Scoter pics

Allen Chartier amazilia1 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 7 23:46:14 EST 2004


This afternoon (Dec 7), I took advantage of the approximately 1 hour of
dryness, and maybe 30 minutes of partly sunny skies, to digiscope the
White-winged Scoter at the American Center Marsh in Southfield, Oakland
County.  This brief break in the weather brought four birders to this spot
this afternoon around 3:00.  Photos are posted at the BIRDERS photo site at:


As others may have stated, this is possibly a first county record, and is my
239th species in Oakland County (can't let Scott Jennex catch up too much

I will soon have additional photos on my website, and possibly a digital
video I took of the bird.

I noticed that the bird's right wing might possibly be injured, but I
couldn't be positive.  Also, at one point Jerry Sniderman and I watched as
the bird brought up a food item from the bottom of the lake and proceeded to
feed on it.  It appeared round, almost like a snail, which would make sense
since scoters feed mainly on shellfish.

I can't remember when or where I've heard of a scoter occurring on such a
small lake as this (~5-10 acres).

American Center Marsh is located in Southfield, north of 11 Mile Road about
1/2 mile east of Inkster Road (turn north on American Drive and park in one
of the first parking areas on the left, the marsh and boardwalk is on the

Thanks again to Neil Gilbert for finding this local rarity on December 5!

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