Northern owls, Eastern UP, Dec. 5-7

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Tue Dec 7 22:33:35 EST 2004


I just returned from a 3-day visit to the eastern UP in search for northern 

Sunday, Dec. 5 About noon I located a single SNOWY OWL on the ground off 
Centerline Rd. just NW of 20 Mile Rd. I found three to four GREAT GRAY OWLS 
on Sugar Island in the afternoon.  One owl was hunting in a field on the E 
side of S. Brasser about a quarter mile N of 6 Mile Rd. Moments later I 
spotted a second one on the other side of the road at 6 Mile Rd.  On the 
return visit from the southern end of the island I encountered an owl 
hunting on Homestead Rd. (the extension of S. Brasser) just north of 8 Mile 
Rd.  This bird could have been either of the birds I had spotted 30 minutes 
earlier near 6 Mile or a different bird altogether.  The fourth (third) 
bird was hunting on S. Brasser, but N of 1 and 1/2 Mile Rd. (the east-west 
road leading from the ferry), and just N of Seppi(?) Rd.

Monday, Dec. 6.  I spent 3 hours in the morning on Neebish Island and 
dipped on owls.  None were seen from the roads south of the Soo to about 15 
Mile Rd.

Tuesday, Dec. 7.  One NORTHERN HAWK-OWL was seen hunting on M123 1.8 miles 
N of where East Branch Tahquamenon River crosses under the road.  The river 
is about 2 miles N of Eckerman.

Northern Shrikes and Pine Grosbeaks were seen in widely scattered places. 
Common Redpolls were found only at the feeders in Dunbar Forest.  The six 
flocks of Cedar Waxwings I saw contained no Bohemian Waxwings.

Good birding,
Lathe Claflin
11300 Glenn Rd.
Grass Lake, MI
Eastern Jackson County

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