Snowy Owl--Ionia County--5 Dec 04

Jonathan Wuepper wuepperj at
Mon Dec 6 11:36:38 EST 2004


Weekend Owl sightings keep coming in....

Leah Knapp reports a SNOWY OWL was observed yesterday (5 December 2004), in 
IONIA COUNTY. Seen flying over "Route I-96 west at about the 60 mile marker, 
about 15 or so miles east of Grand Rapids".

According to my caculations, the mile 60 marker on I-96, is north of 
Clarksville (and Morrison Lake), and south of Saranac.

Two notes:

1) The "Soo-line" in LUCE COUNTY, I believe to be a pipeline of some sort 
(see previous post).

2) In case anyone was wondering, the SNOWY OWL reported on 30 Nov in BERRIEN 
COUNTY has been looked for, by several birders, every day since initial 
sighting, but not relocated.



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