Chippewa/Luce counties report, (belated) Dec 1-3

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Mon Dec 6 11:13:33 EST 2004


(I apologize for this being belated)

I birded the eastern UP from Wednesday to Friday, Dec 1-3, 2004 with Erich 
Peterson and Jeff Johnson.  Birding was spotty but with some obvious 
highlights.  We were targeting Great Gray Owls, and we succeeded on Neebish 
Island but nowhere else (already posted to the list).  No Hawk Owls, no 
Snowy owls, no Gyrfalcon.  Areas birded were Neebish Id (Dec 1), mainland 
Soo area (7 mile south to 15 mile Rds, power plant) on Dec 2, Tahquamenon 
rivermouth area and M-123 west of Paradise into Luce County (Dec 2 & 3), and 
Hulbert bog (Dec 2 & 3).  Here are our trip highlights:

Great Gray Owl- 2 on Neebish Island on Dec 1, both on Brander Rd seen 
between 3:45 PM and 4:30 PM.  The first bird was 0.4 miles south of 16 mile 
Rd just south of a mailbox with the words "Laitinen", the second bird 0.7 
miles south of 16 mile Rd at mailbox #16561.  Attached are photos of the 
first one.

Barred Owl- 1 active in full daylight at Riverside and 7 mile, on Dec 2.

Sharp-Tailed Grouse- seen each day @ several locations.  Examples: 9 mile 
and Nicolet Rd, Ridge Rd 0.5 miles north of 7 mile, 10 mile Rd west of 
Ridge, 12 mile Rd west of Riverside, M-123 south of Paradise, etc.

Boreal Chickadee- one heard but not seen at Hulbert bog on Dec 3- we also 
stocked the "feeder" (made of stacked logs and a bark tray) on the north 
side of the road about halfway along the east-west portion of Basnau Rd, but 
saw only Black-Capped Chickadees and goldfinches at the feeder.  Might be 
worth checking this feeder for Boreal Chickadees soon.

Pine Grosbeak- several seen in mainland Soo and along M-123 west of 

Evening Grosbeak- <10 Hulbert bog on Dec 3.

Northern Shrike- various locations.

Bohemian Waxwing- 2 mixed in with Cedar Waxwing flock at 5732 Ridge Rd, on 
Dec 2.  Photo of 1 of the birds below.

Common Redpoll- 1 flyover at 5732 Ridge Rd.

American Robin- 1 in mountain ashes at 5732 Ridge Rd.

Rough-Legged Hawk- only a few the whole trip, seemed scarce.

Grand Rapids, MI
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