White-winged Scoter, Southfield

Duck Watcher grebe at keinetworks.org
Sun Dec 5 15:33:06 EST 2004


This afternoon, 12/5/04, my dad and I went to the American Center Marsh in
Southfield. I was hoping to add Song Sparrow to my December list. I spotted
a White-winged Scoter in an unfrozen patch of water!! It was at extremely
close range in excellent lighting. I could clearly see the white wing patch.
I suspect it was an adult female. I will post photos at www.northbirding.com

>From Franklin Road turn onto American Drive. Follow American Drive until you
come to a small marsh. Park in a companie's parking lot across the street.

Good Birding,

Neil Gilbert
Beverly Hills, MI
grebe at keinetworks.org

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