Harlequin, King Eider Port Huron

Karl Overman martineoverman at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 2 20:46:00 EST 2004

This morning, December 2nd, Darlene Friedman and I birded Port Huron.  
At the end of Riverview next to the Coast Guard  station, where Lake 
Huron drains into the St. Clair River, we saw a female King Eider.  We 
watched an adult male Harlequin Duck fly out of the river and  into Lake 
Huron.  We went the short distance north to Lighthouse Park and found 
the Harlequin close to shore in with goldeneyes.  A flock of 10 
Long-tailed Ducks and one Red-necked Grebe were also off of Lighthouse 
Park.  We saw no scoters from that park so we went north in to the 
adjacent residential area  and found several scaup flocks with scoters 
beyond, say 7 Surf Scoters  and 5  White-winged Scoters.  We dipped on 

Karl Overman
Farmington Hills, Mi.

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